Monday, April 30, 2007

Scent of the Day - Monday - 04/30/07

For me today Reverie au jardin again. I can't beleive how much iris I get from this one, it just blooms on me. Just beautiful!

What are you wearing today?


besotted said...

Good morning dear Vic, it's Dior Addict for me today.

Have a great day, love to all
Terry xxxooo

Madelyn said...

Hi ,
Chanel No. 22 - parfum under EDT 1
It's simply exquisite .

google-fu queen said...

I have been inspired by you to wear my Anne Pliska. yumm yum. I just feel like in heaven when I wear this. I hope you are having a perfect day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

L'Artisan - Tea for Two. :)

Waving hello to everyone.


Arhianrad said...

hi hi!

nekkid today (skin's in rebellion...)

Victoria said...

Hey T, you smell delish!

Victoria said...

Hi Marelyn, one more entry on Chanel No 22 Parfum and I might just have to cave! My friends have the best taste!

Victoria said...

Oh Queenie dear, do think of me when you wear your Anne Pliska!

Victoria said...

Hi Dawn, we must get together soon!
I see you are in a tea mode!

Victoria said...

Arhianrad, my nekked friend, a VERY late package is on the way. Hugs to you my dear.

greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria! Creed Spring Flower today...or at least I was wearing it, long ago when the day began! :-)