Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blue - Morgane Le Fay

Morgane Le Fay is a NYC based fashion design house owned by Liliana and Carlos Casabal. The Casabals collaborated with perfumers from the house of Givaudan to create their latest scent, Blue, made to capture the essences of a twilight evening with "shadowed forest floors" and "a smoldering sunset".

With notes of galbanum, ylang-ylang, Turkish rose, pepper, cardamom, sandalwood, smoky musk and benzoin, it seems they have accomplished just that. Soft and sexy it smells like a soft summer night, just at twilight. A weekend night when the heat of the day has faded away and you are clean and refreshed from a shower, pondering where to go out for the evening. A warm wind carries the soft floral notes, while hint of smoky musk portends the evening to come. A pepper note persists throughout but it calmed by the sweet sandalwood. Clean, sexy, elegant.

Isn't this just a beautifully striking bottle with its enticing pale blue juice? Makes you want to buy unsniffed, doesn't it?

You can find Morgane Le Fay Blue at

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Wyrmiax said...

The name was already making me want to buy unsniffed, then I read your review! Must go lie down now with cool cloth on fevered brow.

Victoria said...

So I agree, it's so very swoon worthy!!