Monday, March 06, 2006

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Still testing - Sira des Indes
I just can't fall for this one.


Heikke said...

there you are!
testing Padparadscha by Satellite

besotted said...

Hello my dears, I'm wearing Etro Etra today and enjoying it immensely.

Mark said...

Hi Vic!

Acier Aluminum by Creed for me today.

Watch the Oscars??

katiedid said...

I'm going to be a broken record if I say what I'm wearing today, which frankly with that statement I am sure you can guess at what it is... so instead, I'll prod you to spill your thoughts on Sira des Indes when you finally feel like you have them collected and an opinion formed :)

Victoria said...

Heikke - Padparadscha is not you, I'm betting. Wow was this one dry.
Maybe over a sweet lotion base?

T, hello, wonder if the blogger site was just down this am? Etra was a bit aloof on me, but it is a nice one.

Mark, I've not even heard of that Creed! Yes, I watched most of the Oscars after I got back from shopping. I haven't seen many of the movies. I love looking at the clothes.

Cola girl, the Indes is animalic. Now not really Serge Lutens MKK or anything, but plenty more than most. At first I thought it was just the jasmine acting indolic, but no, it is more than that. I may do a review, but I ususally do reviews on ones I own and love. LOL

NowSmellThis said...

Not sure I can fall for it either, V.

boisdejasmin said...

I agree that Sira des Indes is very animalic. It is actually fecal to my nose, not just indolic. I do not smell much of indoles in it. I am disappointed, because I expected something more innovative from Patou.