Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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Guerlain Vega for me again today.
How about you?


Mark said...

Good Morning, Vic!

Today it's Aroma Tonic by Lancome for me.


besotted said...

Hi Vic, how are you feeling? Wearing close to the very last drops of En Avion. Hope you're enjoying the day!

colombina said...

Trying on the Abinoams...meh...not very impressed :-)

Victoria said...

Hi Mark, Nice to see you!

Victoria said...

T, I'm feeling better today, but still congested and have a cough. I need a nap!!

Victoria said...

colombina, oh no! I just ordered all the samples!! Nothing good?

Christina H. said...

Hi Victoria!!!
I see Vega's got its grip on you! I'm wearing Regina Harris Ambre Vanilla.

Victoria said...

Christina, it definitely does!!
E-mail me on the Lui, when you get a chance.