Friday, March 17, 2006

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!


besotted said...

Happy Saint Paddy's Day, Vic! I'm wearing Piper Nigrum today. Going thru major POL withdrawal :( but am so glad to be able to post here. Enjoy your Friday!


Victoria said...

I've been sick, so I wasn't even aware POL was down. How long has it been?

I'm wearing Oleda White Orchid Perfume today, although my nose can't really smell too much.

Mark said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Vic, and TGIF!! :) Hope your nose comes around soon, isn't that the worst for us?! Cut off my legs, but don't take away my sense of smell!!

Today, because I look for absolutely any excuse to wear my favorite scent, I'm honoring the flag of Ireland and wearing Hermes Eau d'Orange Vert Concentree.

Now, I am in fact wearing green clothing, but if I were not, do you think a green fragrance would prevent the pinching?

Christina H. said...

Just trying out the Lily Lambert fragrances.I've got on #77.Fruity-tropical oil roll-on along the same vein as the Moynette and Coquette.Still,making up my mind about it though!