Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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Finally! My beloved Le Maroc has arrived from Switzerland! I am doing a dance of joy! Even better than my sample, I think this one is meant to be sprayed. Wearing it today in all its glory and bumping my review!!


Mark said...

Hi Vic!

I'm testing Pal Zileri today.

I'm not moved so far..

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm wearing Fresh Cannabis Santal today. If there's pot in here, I can't smell it. No contact high yet. ;)


Anonymous said...

LOL Victoria.....

I just ordered my bottle of Le Maroc yesterday from LuckyScent. So happy that your bottle finally arrived! :))

This fragrance is definitely my #1 right now. I can't get enough of it.

Enjoy your Le Maroc today!


Victoria said...

T, I didn't get any "pot" either, it was kinda Prada like to me.

katiedid said...

Very happy for you V - you sound pleased as punch that it's finally here :)

I was Wickle-ed yesterday, and I'm Wickle-ed again today. Four scents to play with, so I've been a little bit of a stew. Thus far only one is a real winner in my book - the Chestnut and Vetyver one.

Victoria said...

Oh Katie, I am more than thrilled! I am not a patient person, although someone up there is trying to teach me to be, it seems I stubbornly refuse! I waited 5 weeks and 3 days for this beauty. (Totally worth it)

And I'm embarrased to admit I was the topic of Andy's blog yeaterday.

For now, I am crazy in love. You know when you have thoughts of bathing in it or drinking it?


katiedid said...

Heh, yes I do know. Saw on POL you found Ethere on the cheap :) Yay! Have you tried the Tiel Sirene ever? It's amazing, really made for the perfume-nut/connoisseur especially. It was one of those I had to keep trying over and over to really learn to appreciate. (Ethere was instant ♥ for me, though, heh.)

Victoria said...

Oy!!! I knew I should have bought the Sirene too! But I was already buying two unsniffed. I figured if I like the Ethere, I'd check it out later. No real talk of either one.

katiedid said...

Well, if you dig the Ethere (and I have a hunch that even if you don't turn out to like it, you will find yourself admiring it) let me know and I will just make up a sample of the Sirene to send you, if you like.