Thursday, March 09, 2006

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Testing two classic Guerlains today - one on each arm.
Liu and Vega


Mark said...

Hi Vic!

Today I'm wearing the new Marc Jacobs Grass, which I bought yesterday in Neiman Marcus b/c it was selling out and they weren't getting anymore in. The good news - $65 for 10 ounces and it's an EdT and actually lasts a long time so it was a great value, plus I love the smell of grass.

Victoria said...

Mark!! I've not heard a word about that one! I was just thinking last night how I really don't have any green scents, and I'd like something green for spring.

Mark said...

Well, it's a very simple but well done green scent, And for the price, you can't go wrong. Its a summer trio with the scents being Grass, Rain, and Cotton. Rain was selling just as well as the grass but no one seemed interested in the cotton. The SA said they were only in stock for 2 days and were almost entirely out of grass and rain. If you like the smell of fresh cut grass with a very subtle floral, then I think you'd really enjoy it. Robin had a blurb about it on NST:

I cannot find them for sale online anywhere and not even the MJ website has them listed so if you're interested, I'd act soon.

Heikke said...

Mark, that sounds really great, Vic I guess you have to go to Neiman soon( this weekend)
Anis by Etro

katiedid said...

I think when I have the chance I am going to scrub and scrub what I have on right off. I layered Bois Farine with Flowerbomb Extreme. No, I don't know what the hell I was thinking either. Eeeesh.

Cabaret is sounding tempting right now. At any rate, I will definitely be avoiding anything with even a hint of sweetness.

besotted said...

Hi Vic! I started out with Bond No. 9 So New York which was beautiful for as long as the gourmand notes lasted (in other words, 10 minutes.) After that it turned to straight, unrelenting lily of the valley, which is my kryptonite, so I scrubbed it off (waving to Katiedid, my fellow scent scrubber) and switched over to Rochas Femme - ahh! Now that's more like it!

Hope you all enjoy the day!

Annieytown said...

I have been wearing FM Iris Poudre every single day for weeks. I try to pick something else but in the end I grab the FM.