Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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Marc Jacobs for me today. A beautiful clear day here in sunny Southen California.
What are you wearing?


katiedid said...

Wearing L'Eau d'Ambre - sounded good this morning a few hours ago, but now I'm wishing it'd fade so I can pick something else. It's just not quite right to suit my mood right now. I think I'm in a Magie Noire mood at this very moment :)

MarkDavid said...

L'Instant Pour Homme by Guerlain today. I LOVE this scent.

anna said...

En Passant by Olivia Giacobetti.
No i did not buy the Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise perfume because it costs $350.00. But i will keep in mind to look for the coupon you suggeted.
thank you.

Victoria said...

Anna, I now see the coupon is not good on fragrance. Then what good it is, I ask????? They only had the EDP anyway.

Katie & Mark thanks for stopping by! You smell marvelous my dahlings!

I wish I had a touch up of my Marc Jacobs, I can hardly smell it. I like Blush sooooo much better.

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm wearing MPG Santal Noble today. Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday!