Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Fifi for me today. I'm wearing the EDP and still it is so subtle, I can barely smell it. Not sure if this one has enough sillage for me.
What are you wearing today?


boisdejasmin said...

Hermes Doblis--reminds me of classical chypre fragrances.

Victoria said...

Good Morning V!! I've not heard of that one. Chypres aren't my thing, but I do have a couple in wardrobe. Have a lovely day! - V.

besotted said...

Hi Vic, it's Serge Lutens Arabie for me today. The dried fruit notes have me thinking of Rochas Femme. Have a great Thursday, hope you're well!

Sue said...

Fifi is a nice fragrance. It's one of those scents I'd hoped would work for me, but I couldn't get beyond the initial citrus note. I'm into BPAL lately, and today I'm wearing BPAL's a blend of incense, patchouli and grape notes. I know, that sounds as though it would be horrid, but the notes blend together so well, it works!

Christina H. said...

Hi Victoria,
I've got on Hermes Hiris.Fifi had pretty good sillage for me.I'm surprised that you're not getting much.Do you have the edp or edt?

Victoria said...

Hi T, feeling better today, but it's abusy day at work!

Sue, I love grape notes. But not so much on the patchouli. How much patchouli?

Christina, it's the EDP! Geesh!
Maybe I need to spray my clothes.

anna said...

Carthusia - Mediterraneo it is a lemon scent, orange? It has also green tea. But i hardly smell it.

Heikke said...

Fever pour homme by Celine,still love that one

Flora said...

Greetings - new one for me today - a sample of Cast A Spell by Lulu Guinness - nice but did not last well - it was the EDP so I guess it's just not a stayer. Good scent for spring though.