Friday, April 28, 2006

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Nanette Lepore Shanghai Butterfly. Ok, That is it. The one that put me over the edge. I am now officially a fruity floral complainer. I would say hater, but I do have many (too many) that I own and love. I am tired of smelling the new releases only to find they are the same as the rest. Or maybe I am becoming a snob, a niche snob? Am I?

Yes, it smells nice. Of course. It's fragrance. Stranded on a desert Island I would worship the little Shanghai Butterfly bottle that washed ashore. Make a shrine to it. Wear it sparingly and with much joy.

But this is the real world and in the real world we are islands surrounded by a sea of fruity florals. So, now where are we to take solace? From the flowers and vines of course! Jasmine, plumeria, frangipani, osmanthus, pikake, orange blossom, honeysuckle and maile to name a few. I really can't seem to get enough. Sweet and delicate, peaceful and serene. Their single notes pure and simple. Ah yes, I have most definitely arrived at soliflore island. And I see no need to leave. At least for the time being.

Today I am wearing - Malie Plumeria. What are you wearing?


Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria ,
Friday gretings ! I too am disappointed by the seemingly repetitve endless stream of fragrance releases that are (in a word ) the same. The fruity floral has overplayed its' time. I welcome variations on classics! But, for now, I think I will wear today my Frangipane ! Love to you and your readers - we are perfune soul-mates !
Madelyn E

Cait Shortell said...

I agree on this one. It's unoriginal and the bottle is infantile. I haven't even dressed and perfumed yet, but am thinking about Parfum de Therese. Now that's a fruity floral with character!

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn, nice to see you. I am so in love with florals these days.
Enjoy your day!

Victoria said...

Cait,I love Parfum de Therese. It's so beautiful. Thanks for checking in, have a great day.

boisdejasmin said...

I feel much the same way. Fruity-floral is a nice category, but honestly, after smelling the same thing over and over again it can get old pretty quickly. That goes for anything, but since fruity-floral is so popular these days among consumers (it does better in marketing tests than any other genre), we are exposed even more to it.

I am wearing Folavril.

Christina H. said...

Sounds like I'm spared of another lemming.I'm wearing Amouage Gold pour Femme.Thanks for the review!

besotted said...

Hi Vic, agree with you that we've been there and done that regarding the fruity floral thing. I'm wearing Alexander McQueen Kingdom today, as far removed from fruity floral as I can get! (No cumin though, clean and flowery on me, go figure.) Enjoy your Friday!

anna said...

i agree!!!!
Scent of the Day-Antonia's Flowers-
is a fressia, jasmine ,magnolia and lily blend.
Is an old fragrance.

Teresa said...

Hi Vic, I've never sniffed Shanghai Butterfly but the bottle is cute. Sometimes I'd love to buy a new fragrance just because I adore the bottle.

I'm a newbie and I'm wearing EA Intense Green Tea today.

Josey said...

Scent of the day is BPAL Dana O'Shee, a sweet, milky almond fragrance. I wish I could continue wearing my Serge Lutens Chergui, but it's just too hot out for it, now =/

Anonymous said...

I'm very late checking in here today, but I'm sporting Le Maroc Pour Elle today. Alan says I smell like Pier 1 Imports when I wear this one.

Dawn (Have a good weekend!)

Flora said...


YOSH Stargazer perfume oil today - very lush but not really very sweet - like flowers under a waterfall, aquatic but not "marine". Which is good!

MMmmmmm the plumeria sounds so good right now!