Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Safran Troublant - L'Artisan

This is definitely a very pleasant scent. My L'Artisan draught may finally be over. I've never found a L'Artisan scent that could win my heart, till now. I'm a sucker for soft Orientals with sandalwood and this scent falls neatly into that category. This scent is fresh, soapy and mildly spicy. Like washing with some Spanish soap. It goes on warm and cozy and leaves a nice fresh, clean, soapy skin smell.

Notes: saffron, rose petals, vanilla, sandalwood.

Available several ways: In the large size - 3.4oz Eau de Toilette for $110.00. Or a 1.7oz for $75.00 - Or this scent is also available as part of a travel trio: Les Epices de la Passion for $75. Which includes Poivre Piquant & Piment Brûlant all in 0.5oz sprays.
Available at: Aedes & Lucky Scent

Photo and notes from Aedes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

I have a sample of this one and you have described it perfectly. I like it also but I'm not quite ready to buy a bottle yet.I'll have to keep sampling this one for a while. How about you? FBW?


Victoria said...

Well I'm leaning towards buying the trio, because I also like the Piment. But I'm undecided, need to retest the Piment. If not, I'd be willing to do a bottle split.

Anonymous said...

Check back with me. I'm undecided myself at this time.


dinazad said...

Unfortunately, Safran smells of smoked sausage on me. Catalan "fuet", to be precise. I really don't want to smell that edible! ;-D! Luckily, there are other saffron scents around to sample..