Friday, April 21, 2006

Mandarine Tout Simplement - L'Artisan

Having just sold my L'Artisan Ananas Fizz, I can now say I don't own a single L'Artisan. (Yes I kept the Fizz cream, I'm not crazy!) This house just does not appeal to me. I've yet to find anything that really rocked my world. So it's no surprise that the latest fare, their summer edition Mandarine tout simplement, follows suit.

I don't see what the hoopla is over this, other than the pure anticipation of a great mandarin scent, with notes sounding juicy and fresh. And of course an enticing bulb atomizer bottle, which makes you want it, when your practical side knows they are not good.

I tried this last night on paper and skin, and liked neither. Although bottle is quite beautiful, even more so in person. The scent is sharp and peppery and not a particularly good combo of that either. I was in the store for about 15 minutes, then when I got in my car - I could no longer even smell it. Amazingly, I can still smell it on the scent strip, however the citrus was gone in a flash and all that's left is a peppery wood.

Notes: Green mandarin, ginger, frangipani, yellow mandarin, red mandarin, cedarwood.

Available at: Aedes & Lucky Scent

Photo and notes from Aedes.


colombina said...

Lemming is officially dead, thank you, V! :-)
There are 3 L'Artisans I really like, Safran Troublant, The Pour Un Ete and Orchidee Blanche. I so wish they all lasted longer though *sigh*

NowSmellThis said...

One of my very favorite houses! But have to admit I am not overly excited about the Mandarine.

Christina H. said...

I was worried about this one too.Of course,the bottle does look nice but I'd like to thank you for this review.You've just saved me $125.00.I've also heard that this didn't last at all on other people either and now you've confirmed that.On the other hand,even though Ananas Fizz isn't long lasting either,I loved this one and could never sell my bottle!Thank you so much for the review!

anna said...

Thank you for the review, You saved me a trip.!! With the price of gas going up and insane traffic it is not worth the drive. I love orange and mandarine , Sevilla oranges, Garcia Lorca's Spain oranges. I like the color orange also.
From the L'Artisan , i like the fig scent, i can not remember the full name but it is nice.

Victoria said...

colombina, I haven't tried the Orchidee Blanche, I'll have to look for that one. I may end up geting the spicy trio. This was a really big dissapointment.

Victoria said...

NST, well if it was Mandarine that would be another matter. :O)

Victoria said...

christina, I agree on the Fizz, but I did enjoy it for awhile. I still love the cream. I wonder if they will make a cream for this? And will it be more Mandarine?

Victoria said...

anna, have you tried Keiko Mecheri Saguine? Yummy blood oranges, very sangria-like.

Nina said...

Just about my favourite house, but I have to agree about Mandarine - lasts minutes and then vanishes without a trace. I actually like the woody/floral phase better than the orange stage - citrus notes don't have much sticking power, but I wish they'd found a way to make the drydown last longer!