Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday Sniffing

A day of sniffing at the San Diego Nordstrom Festival was a tad disappointing. The event was fine and the company splendid, but the offerings were the usual fare - nothing new and exciting to report. Either we were way ahead of the new scents or the timing was bad, it seemed we had smelled just about everything. I did buy Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin, which I had been testing this week. Since you pay $10 for the event to be applied to a purchase, you do feel the need to buy something.

I also bought from the Malie line of room spray - Plumeria. For use as a fragrance. :O)I will be reviewing that one later, along with a couple of other room sprays I am quite fond of.

Temptation this time came in the form of old favorites - Stella cream. Wow, I love the body milk, how subtle and light it is. But the cream is rich and sumptuous. Ohhh I wanted to cave, but I was strong. Then came the Trouble Cream, wow, just divine. Starting out with an unusual green note, but quickly settling into that wonderful Trouble base. Ahhh to be a princess and be bathed and lavished with nothing but perfumed creams by a handsome shower boy. Oppps!

Most of the SA were clueless about new releases or in the case of one; even current releases - At Lolita Lempicka the SA showed me the regular bottle when I asked about the "L". And left me total speechless when she told me I could refer to Lolita Lempicka as "L" if I wanted to, since it is the initial.

At least the Aquolina SA, knew about Blue Sugar. Coming soon, was all he knew.

There were other diversions like the Lois Hill trunk show and of course the shoe department.

We had a nice lunch and proceeded to Saks where we got our Friends and Family discount cards for next week and went around making mental notes of our "to buy" list for the event. Let's see; Marc Jacobs Rain, maybe Iris Nobile? Should I go for the Cartier Delices Cream, also heavenly by the way. Some La Prairie and Chanel makeup items ... now what am I forgetting?


colombina said...

Those SAs...they are just...well, I have no words LOL. My husband tried to buy Terre d'Hermes not long ago. The SA at (forgot which store) told him that...wait for has been discontinued! :-O I guess the fact that she has never heard of it means it was discontinued.

I have been drea,ing of Trouble cream for a must be absolutely fabulous.

Victoria said...

Colombina, too funny! Oh I think the Trouble cream may be in both our futures. The surprising green top note was nice. The drydown heavenly.

The blooger is giving me fits today I can't even post new post this morning!

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