Sunday, April 23, 2006

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Voile de Jasmin for me today, what are you wearing?


Flora said...

Good day,

It is so warm here today, I broke out my sample of Ananas Fizz - it's delightful, if not very long-lasting. I can see it would be perfect for really hot summer days when they arrive.

Yours sounds wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

L'artisan's Fleur d'Oranger 2005 for me today. It's perfect for this beautiful, sunny day and for an outdoors, afternoon wedding Alan and I are attending today.

Have a good one.


besotted said...

Hi Vic, today I'm wearing Bond No. 9 New York New Haarlem - and LOVING it! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.


Madelyn E said...

Darling Victoria, I too , sadly ( for my wallet) succumbed to the yenpting charms of the Garden City Nordtrom's Fragrance event in late March. After all, who ,in their right mind woulf show up at the mall dressed, made up and ready to go on Saturday morning at 8:00 Am for nothing less than than a near replay of original sin- perfume Lover's (addict's ) style. I too, suyccumbed to the delightful show with the perky gorgeous sales ladies from such elegant houses of Hermes, Zhivago, Burberrym Jean Patou, Escada amd Ange. It was a Joy ( no play on words ) and Pleasure to meet and greet fragrace lovers as myself (as ourselves collecr=tively). I damn nearly bought Zhivago and Eau de Merveilles. I was leaving enpty handrd. hey , why bur=y nire ..I have enough perfume for 2-4 years.. Well, I spotted the bew SIRA des Imdes - it was LOVE at first sight, I had absconded with thw 1.7 ounce eae de parfum the body lotuoon and then ig that wasn't enough, xalled bergforf goodman- w./9 charged they did semd me the body shower gel!So. the moral of the story is........
if you domn't eant yo buy stay hpme 21I love Sira des i ndes - itis different snd sensitive. Best to you dear Vic?
Love-Madelyn E