Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Paris Photo of the Day For - Wednesday 04/05/06

Full moon on a rainy day from the Rodin Museum in Paris - Uploaded from a rainy day here in Southern California


katiedid said...

The best that I can come up with lickety-split is:

Moon Over Dharma, Tonight.

Yeah, I dunno. It put this song in my head, though.

katiedid said...

Oh no, I'm obviously deaf. I always thought the words were "dharma," but it's actually "karma." Or I"m just forgetful - it's been a long while since I heard that last.

katiedid said...

Oh wait - how 'bout "A Crack in the Storm Clouds?" Oh shoot, I should just give this one up. I got nuthin'.

Victoria said...

It's actually Moon Over Parma.

I guess I shouldn't pressure you like that. hehehe

katiedid said...

Oh no, that I know... he mentions "karma" in the first-ish line, though.. I was reaching too far, CLEARLY. (Was trying to reference the miserable folks lying around the moon, somehow, too.) Ah well... I tried!

rosebud said...

ha ha! I kept looking in the photo for the moon in the sky! Duh!
Pretty witty, Vic.