Thursday, April 13, 2006

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Mark said...

Hi Vic!

Coriolan by Guerlain for me today. It's so perfect, I can't see why they ever discontinued this.

Victoria said...

Hi Mark nice to see you! I don't know that one.

I went with Blush Intense today, because I had a dentist appointment.

Can't even smell it now!

anna said...

Pure Tiffany is an old one but i still like it.

Christina H. said...

Hi Vic,
I'm wearing Rich Hippie by Rich Hippie.Love its spiciness.

Flora said...


I am wearing Lorenzo Villoresi's Donna - a real "power" perfume! My first time wearing it all day - it is so elegant but not at all sweet.

Victoria said...

Thanks all for checking in. I have a tooth giving me some problems today!