Friday, December 02, 2005

Anne Pliska & The Day That Changed My Life - Part I

Anne Pliska - My holy grail perfume. Today I re-told my Anne Pliska story two times. It's not all that interesting to anyone who is not interesed in perfume perhaps. I find it fascinating that eighteen years later I realize I may have been her first customer. My ex-boyfriend who was known to mess up on ocassion, actually stumbled upon this during its Nordstrom debut. The date was Februray 1987. There he was looking for a birthday gift for me. He asked for something "different" something that not everyone is wearing. Something very nice and elegant. The SA told him, "We just got this new one in this morning." It was Anne Pliska. So he bought it. So I'm thinking I may have been the first to recieve this wonderful fragrance. I have been wearing it faithfully all these years. Asking for it for every birthday and Christmas.
Now, not to say I didn't wear others, I did. There was Chamade and Niki de Saint Phaille and Byblos to name a few. But if it was a special ocassion, or an important event, I would always reach for Anne Pliska. So there I was sitting at my computer January 14, 2004 and I decided to do a search for Anne Pliska. That my friends, was the day that changed my life. The day I found the Perfum of Life forum. Wow, a forum where you could discuss perfume. And there was my Anne Pliska listed. People were talking about it. Well I sure had a lot to say, so I joined in. Not only did I join in, but I decided I needed to share this fragrance with the world. Little by little I began sending my small glass vials filled with the deep pink juice. I sent and I sent emptying 3 full bottles, 1/32 of an ounce at a time. ... to be continued
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Nancy said...

I hope I can find the to be continued part of your story..
I just discovered Anne Pliska today. A woman from Luscious Cargo told me about it and sent me a sample. It is heavenly and I can certainly see why you love it so much. My is $53 at Nordstrom and $60 at Luscious Cargo (plus shipping!)...but I wouldn't have known about if it weren't for one of their lovely owners...sigh

Victoria said...

Oh sorry Nancy! I meant to add a link to page 2 right away. It's there now. Thanks, for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I love Anne Pliska so does my husband, and I just found the edp and body cream much cheeper at