Thursday, November 09, 2006

By Sea - Ebba - Review

Oh this is a pretty one! A lovely marine without that fake ozone note that usually prevails. It is clean and fresh. The bergamot in this one (one of my favorite notes) is very deliciously lemony and makes it almost gourmand upon first spraying. Top notes reminding me of Zima, a lightly carbonated malt beverage. If you have ever smelled one, you will recognize the scent immediately. Quickly turning to the best of the beach scents around. If marine is a favorite of yours, you should check out this lovely rendition from Ebba, which also comes in a roll-on oil.

white tea, violet, bergamot, eucalyptus

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photo/notes: LuckyScent


chaya ruchama said...

You know, you could nearly tempt me, despite my marine-o-phobia [only fakery].
The notes are lovely, but, alas !
New England is past its beachy prime, for temptingly warm climes...
Perhaps next summer ?

Victoria said...

Well Chaya I see your point, here in CA we are having a heat wave (yes in November!) so it's perfect now. But, yes, it would make a nice late spring, early summer scent. Sometimes too I find in the winter if I have the blues, a summer scent will pick me up. :O)