Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scent of the Day - Tuesday - 11/28/06

Today I'll be wearing Femme de Montblanc. What are you wearing?


Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
when are you comng to NY ? I'd love to meet you for some coffe and Parfum !
Today i am wearing my nrw Guerlain "Insolence ( the parfum )! How beautiful - I love it . D'ont care for the body products though. The lotion is thin and not moisturising.. maybe the creme would be better ! (
I did try Tocca's Stella @ Barney's.I rather like it ! Do I need it .that's another thing.
I also like Tocca's Florence. I saw body lotion but not cream. You wrote that you love the cream .
Have a great Day.
Madelyn E

anna said...

Femme de Montblanc.
i like the bottle.
thank you for the review.
Jar, Bolt of Lightning for today.
I think is a wonderful scent.
Tuberose and green notes.
Goes on top of my list for perfumes i want to purchase for myself.

Giselle R. said...

I'm wearing Miss Dior Cherie. I agree that the body products for Insolence are weak and useless.
The best Guerlain lotions are: L'Heure Bleue (which you can layer with insolence)

and the FABULOUS Shalimar body lotion layers well with Champs Elysees and lots of other scents like 24 Faubourg and many others.

Champs Elysees body lotion is as rich and fab as the shalimar lotion. I just don't get why they didn't put any effort into the Insolence body lotion.
also: the Miss Dior Cherie body lotion/cream :useless as well!
Some body products can be a real waste of money. Spending 50 bucks on some cream when you could just add that 50 to your parfum budget. I keep trying them because apres bath, the GOOD ones glide on so nicely and I like to air dry with them in place-- hours later I am still getting little "whiffs" of the perfumed lotion.
Has anyone tried the Samsara lotions /creams?

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn, I'l be coming there one of these days & I promise we'll meet. :O)

Even better than the Tocca Stella Creme is the Tocca Cleopatra Creme, it is cucumber grapefruit and amazing!!!

Victoria said...

Hi Anna, oh I am so lusting for the Jar Golconda. I haven't tried Bolt of Lightening yet, but I'm not too keen on tuberose.

Victoria said...

Hi Giselle, the Samsara creme is delish! Better than the scent I think. Very lovely!

Shannon said...

I'm wearing Fumerie Turque today. I didn't get any compliments form anyone other than myself. :) I LOVE this stuff!!

Victoria said...

Hi Shannon, well Tara loves it. So there's two of you. :O)