Monday, November 20, 2006

Scent of the Day - Monday - 11/20/06

Hello friends, I'm on vacation this week, so I'm hoping to get to some of my reading and some perfume reviews! So I'm just sampling today. What are you wearing?


besotted said...

Hi Miss Vic, how are you feeling? Hope you're better. Today it's one of my favorites, Etro Etra.

Enjoy your vacation, my dear!
Best to all,

chaya ruchama said...

Daim Blond today...

Terry, you always smell goood !
Enjoy your break, V- and be good to yourself.
Happy Thanksgiving !

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
I missed you over the w-e . How do you feel? Get much sleep ?
Wee I more or less stayed home - wore My new L'artisan Oeillet Sauvage and Joy Parfum. I resisted going to the Nordstrom's perfume event here because i did not want to spend any more money. I have more than enough(for today , at least ). Having said that i am awaiting a sample of L'artisan's Narcisse and Fleurs DOranger. ( The Mad. Avenue shop tells me thay have the last bottle in the country of the Oranger.
I also ordered and am awaiting more Frederic Malle samples from Barney's NY - especially, Lipstick Rose, Carnal Flower & Musc Ravageur ( I have it already ).
Have a wonderful vaca !
Chaya - are you preparing any special Thanks/....dinner dishes ?
Best Scented Regards,
Madelyn E

greeneyes said...

Hello Victoria! Serge Lutens Arabie today...I managed to tear myself away from Iris Poudre, at least for the tiem being.

Have a happy Monday!

Shannon said...

Happy vacation, Miss Vic!

I'm wearing L de Lolita Lempecka today.

Jennifer said...

Went with Anne Pliska

anna said...

Enjoy your vacation.
L'Artisan Parfumeur -Safran Troublant .
Is a sample
I want to try the Jo Wood Organics
from beautyhabit, i do not care for bath oils, but the line has body creams and also a type of oil, perfume? I am not sure.
i have to give it a try and see.

Giselle R. said...

Organza today.

ladyjicky said...

Have a great vacation Victoria. Today I have Chole on. My daughter and I both love it and got a bottle each last night.

Victoria said...

Hello, feeling somewhat better, thank you all!

Our Thanksgiving dinner will be at my Brother-in-law's, so I'm getting off easy. I will be bringing my specality green beans. Yummy!

Can't wait for pumpkin pie!