Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 11/22/06

Hello all! Feeling mostly better now, not sure my nose is back 100%. Just hanging out at home taking it easy. Looking forward to tomorrow and some pumpkin pie!! Doing my sampling thing again today, what are you wearing?


chaya ruchama said...

So glad you're feeling better!
I hope you enjoy tomorrow...who's doing the cooking?!

It's Ambre Russe for me today.
I can't wait for my college boy to come home and snuggle...

Happy day to all you lovely folk !

Armando said...

Hi V!!

I know you're putting more time on your blog than POL here now. I thought I'd say "Hey" since I don't see you there that often. I hope you're doing well, dear. I can understand about the feeling under the weather and your sniffer not be being up to snuff so to speak. I've been dealing with bad allergies since last Thursday and slowly getting back my sense of smell here.

I'll post that I will be wearing Eau Noire Christian Dior today to work today here too!

colombina said...

I hope you feel better soon and Happy Thanksgiving!

Giselle said...

Parure for me today- a day off --I can NEVER wear this to work as it is the signature scent of the one of the company VPs (she swans around the office wearing LOTS of it)
(I had it first!--but then, I'm not a VP....)

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria &friends,
at this time of "thanks " @ Thanksgiving , one thing I am surely grateful for ia discovering you & Victoria's Own. What pleasure and knowledge it has brought me ! I start the day with Victoria and a big cupp delicious (Cafe La Semeuse or Gevalia - Cafe Oriente ) caffe ! Today I am wearing my tiny sample of L'Artisan's Fleur de Narcisse ! It is a soft version of chypre heaven. I really like it - but it's much too costly. I should have my head and wallet examined au meme temps. ( I just acquired L'Art's Oeillet sauvage last week.
Glad you are felling better !
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !
Madelyn E

Shannon said...

I'm testing Geir today. I'm hoping that my new Fumerie Turque arrives this afternoon! Glad to hear that you are feeling better ... Happy Thanksgiving!

katiedid said...

Hope your holiday is wonderful tomorrow, V, and continue to feel better!

Hopefully I'll get around to re-testing out an old vintage frag. I'd been waiting for a while now to do so, and looks like there's the perfect cool weather for it this week.

greeneyes said...

Hello Victoria! Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque today. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling so much better tomorrow.
Today it's CdG #2, my everyday scent. Tomorrow? Why SL Arabie, of course, to smell like the holiday.

Victoria said...

Thank you all fro stopping by! So nice to see you all! I haven't been online much and haven't been to the other blogs, so I really enjoy seeing my fellow bloggers, as well as my new and old friends!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tina said...

My latest samples now were the limited edition Oscar (gold) and the new Danielle Steele. I tried the Oscar on in the store, and I took home a sample of Danielle. I think I mixed up which was on which wrist though, lol. I think it must have been the Oscar one that really reminded me of Ciara. Danielle was nice, but nothing interesting.
Then I got a few fragrance oils I had ordered recently. I have the POTL one now, and it is so strange! Not something I would wear on an outing, or for a romantic evening out on the town. It smelled to me like my daughter's newborn smell! Like a baby blanket! A comfort smell, something to wear when you are at home, hanging out with the family, or watching movies on a Sunday afternoon. A winter fragrance that goes with fuzzy pajamas and slippers!