Thursday, November 02, 2006

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 11/02/06

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I'm wearing Le Maroc today, what are you wearing?


greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria and All...Today, Jo Malone Pom Noir and Vintage Gardenia. this is a gorgeous combo for this blustery fall day. Happy Thursday everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

How funny, I wore Le Maroc on Sunday. I haven't worn it in months.

Anyway, today I will be wearing SL Douce Amere.

Hello everyone.


Giselle said...

I was feeling like I needed some FLOWERS today so I thought Jardins de Bagatelle or Samsara --spritzed them both into the air (north and south) and decided on Samsara. Funny, when my husband bought me the bottle of Jardins de Bagatelle I was like Whoa! Too Big a floral! But I immediately told him I LOVED it, because he sees the name GUERLAIN on something and just buys it for me -- did not want him to stop doing that!!! Now, years later, I do love Jardins... a little strong, but it is lovely in a Givenchy sort of way.
But today, Samsara.
I sampled so much FRUITY stuff over the last few months I almost freaked out, so I am taking a break from SaMpLiNg and just wearing old favorites for awhile.

I still want to try everything you are wearing though!

besotted said...

Hi Vic, thanks to you I am sampling Tom Ford Black Orchid today. At very first teensy sniff I thought it was mostly florals. Now that I am giving it a proper wearing today, I am getting a lot more out of it - rich & dark at first, then some floral and fruits, plus a menthol note that gives a cooling effect. Some vanilla and now a little coconut peeping out, but on my skin this is a decidedly unsweet scent. No incense yet, but it's still early in the day...overall, this is quite an intriguing frag.
Thanks again! Best to all,

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
Hi ! I love November early winter's chill . Now i can wear my fall- winter favorites. Today, again it's my new love - Fresh - Index- Pink Jasmine ! Have a great day !
Madelyn E

Victoria said...

What a lovely smelling group of beauties were are this morning!
Wouldn't it be fun to all have lunch?

Terry, I thought I got a little coconut too, but it isn't listed.
Don't you wish we could try the parfum?

none said...

Comme des Garcone, Carnation
Is an old sample.
Thank you for reminding me of carnation perfumes, Victoria!
I think carnations are under appriciated.
Red carnations are great for holiday decorations.
An alternative to red poinsettias.
And more economical and easier to buy.

anna said...

it should have said anna, not none ,i should learn to type!!!!!.

Victoria said...

Ohhh I love that one Anna, I love how carnation can be spicy yet cool. They are my favorite flowers. :O)

Shannon said...

Yes! everyone should enter for the freebies! I recieved my Benfit weathergirls makeup last week, and it's very nice! Thanks Victoria for the chance to win!