Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Scent of the Day - Tuesday - 11/07/06

Happy Election Day here in the USA! Happy because the TV ads will finally be over! But all kidding aside - it is very important to know the issues and candidates and

I vote absentee so the voters in line at the polls will not have a chance to sniff my lovely new Heeley Iris that I am wearing today. Too bad for them, it's lovely!

What are you wearing today??


besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm wearing Lorenzo Villoresi Piper Nigrum today. I adore its cool, minty, peppery opening and its dark, warm, sweetly ambery drydown - the juxtaposition is addicting!
Best to all,

Madelyn E said...

Dear V,
Hi, Absentee ballot - great time saving idea !
Today I'm wearing Hermes - combo - Vetiver Tonka abd Poivre Samarkand - better together than separatr ! It's utterly , rich, warm, envelopping. vanilla, peppery, cinnamonny. (Whatever - It smells great ! )
I can't stop sniffing myself !
H A Great Day !
Madelyn E

giselle said...

L' Instant today.

(and i do believe in love at first sight, although I was wearing Shalimar at the time.)

Vic, what were you wearing when you fell in love, if I may be so bold in asking?

Victoria said...

Hello my lovlies! How wonderful you all smell this morning!

Giselle, I believe I must have been wearing Anne Pliksa, as I only had a few back then and that was my favorite. I would surely have chosen that one for that fateful evening. :O)

anna said...

Un Lys ,
sample , Boy i am so glad!!!! ,
i did not purchased the Serge Lutens full bottle.
I give up.
I buy lilies from the farmers markets , Casablancas, and Copa de Oro and Acapulcos Pink, I really love them.
But it is a different story , when i find the full lily strenght scent in perfumes. A bit much.
At least for me.

Victoria said...

Oh Anna, you might like the SL after awhile, the drydown is so creamy.

Dusan said...

Fumerie Turque today. God how I love this! Have a great non-voting day!

Shannon said...

I wore Chergui today.

And I'll be glad the political ads will be over too, at least until the next election!

chaya ruchama said...

Bathing in Habanita parfum- you all smell GOOOD !