Monday, November 06, 2006

Scent of the Day - Monday - 11/06/06

Today I will be wearing my new Cuir Venenum. What are you wearing today?

I had a little trip to LA on Saturday, stopping by The Scent Bar for a bit of sniffing and then to Fred Segal and finally to Ebba. Oh and my friend took me to a wonderful Italian restaurant right by the Scent Bar, we just walked right over after the most delicious lunch.

There was much sniffing of the Parfumerie Generale line and my friend who has a slight leather obsession, ever seeking something more perfect than Dzing!, anxiously tried #3 the Cuir Venenum from this line. Unfortunately it was not for her, but it was however for me!! A rich, smooth caramel suede, so swoon worthy I bought the last bottle. The rest of the line I tested leaned a bit to the masculine side although they are unisex.

Again I sniffed the Divine confirming that it is still on my must buy list, yet I passed on it again this trip. I had in mind the Heeley Iris, which I did buy. It is so light and clean, really lovely. I tried Elternhaus, eh, it was ok. And the very exclusive and expensive L'essence de Mastenbroek, smelled like cooking oil. What a relief.

The Loree Rodkin Gothic II was set out for another customer, and I happened upon it. Oh it is delish, and had me sniffing my arm the rest of the day. I'm quite tempted but the price is very oy.

Le Prince Jardinier Ciel mon Jardin! took me by complete surprise with its rhubarb note, I was quite smitten and requested a sample to test further. A little sweeter than my CdG Rhubarb.

Then on to Fred Segal where we sniffed some Diptyque, Creed, Czech & Speake and the new L by Apothia. I was very tempted by the wonderful line of Burn lotions they cary that match their candle scents, but I didn't cave, I simply have no more room!!!

Then off to Ebba right down the street, a charming little shop with amazing jewelry in addition to their fragrances. I got a chance to sniff the very special Queen Ruby candle, it was lovely, I should have bought it. I did end up buying the Ebba By Sea. I have been wanting this fragrance since the summer. It's a nice aquatic without being overly ozone and chemical.

It was a beautiful sunny day, sweet friend, lots of sniffing, just a perfect shopping trip. :O)


besotted said...

Hi Vic, thanks for sharing your sniffing exploits with us, glad you had such a fun time! Cuir Venenum sounds positively drooly.

Today I'm wearing Alexander McQueen Kingdom. No "hooker eating a burrito", as a distinguished 'fume board member so memorably put it, just a clean, woody floral, soft and lovely.

Enjoy your day and your new treats!

Best to all,

Dusan said...

What a great weekend you've had! Agree with Terry that Cuir Venenum is drooly - what are the notes?

Not sure yet whether it'll be Fumerie Turque or Gaultier2 for me today. I need me some comfort :) I might even go for Egoiste - oh, the hardships of a perfumista :-D

Have a nice day everyone!

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
I missed you over the W
-E 1 In Chaya's honor I layered Hermes Vetiver- tonka and Poivre- Samarkand! It was delicious and sexy ! went to an Indian restaurant - and was it well received !Usually I do not combine.
Have a great day!
Madelyn E

Giselle said...

Nice to hear about sniffing, always! I agree with Dusan, the hardships...what to wear? I don't know yet. said...

Sounds like such a fun time. I haven't challenged my nose with a good all-day sniff-a-thon in far too long.

So glad to hear you liked the Ciel Mon Jardin. It has become my official autumn fragrance this year. After draining 2 decants, I finally caved and bought the bottle. So glad I did. This scent loves my body chemistry.

Who'd ever have thunk that rhubarb would make such a lovely addition to a fragrance?

Giselle said...

I went with 24 Faubourg.

Dusan said...

I finally went with Dior Homme :)I just love its iris foiled in cocoa!
Seriously, how long does it take you guys to choose the one? It's sheer madness, I tell ya, madness... :0)

Shannon said...

Yes that Cuir Venenum sounds wonderful! and going to the Scent bar sounds like SO much fun!

I wore le Baiser du Dragon today. I pulled out a red tshirt, and the Dragon just "seems" red to me ... I love how warm, cozy, and sexy the Dragon makes me feel.

Flora said...


AG Gardenia Passion for me today - it was a girly day. :-)

Your sniffing/shopping trip sounds divine!

Victoria said...

Thanks all for checking in! LA shopping is always so much fun!

Solander said...

I'm glad to see someone mention Ciel Mon Jardin! I fell head over heels in love with Sherbet Rhubarb and then I had to try Ciel Mon Jardin! as well because of the rhubarb note. I just find rhubarb scents absolutely droolworthy. I don't like fruit/berry perfumes much, but rhubarb has the right tanginess. I prefer the fresh, green rhubarb of Sherbet Rhubarb, Ciel Mon Jardin! is as you say a bit sweeter and I don't really like the melon note. Have you tried Burberry Brit Red? Rhubarb with gingerbread and vanilla...

Victoria said...

Yes, I love Brit Red!! Also the hard to find Issy Sayan Spiked Rhubarb - Very sweet though, if Jolly Rancher made rhubarb flavor.