Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eau d'Iris - Heeley - Review

After sampling this recently, I immediately put this on my must buy list. So Saturday when I went to the Scent Bar I picked up my bottle! This is a nice bright iris. It opens rather dry and most iris does with light wood notes. It sweetens softly over time as the amber begins to bloom. It has a fresh clean aspect to it, as if you showered with iris soap. Leaving a light, clean, fresh feeling. Delicate and tender it leaves skin sweetly scented. I am very impressed with this line and how light, cool and fresh the fragrances are.

Eau d'Iris notes
white cedar, grey amber, iris, angelica seeds, ambrette

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photo/notes: LuckyScent


Teri said...

I know this is a VERY late comment, but I finally sampled this yesterday and I quite agree with you. It's very light and clean without disappearing, and has a freshly-showered feel to it. I think this may be my new 'office' fragrance. It's ladylike enough, and yet not so overtly feminine that I couldn't wear it in a serious business meeting.

I admire these fragrances, too. While I think this is the only one i'll actually purchase, with the exception of Cedre, which didn't suit me at all, I'd happily wear any of these if given to me as a gift.

Victoria said...

HI Teri, glad you liek it too! The mint is very addicting in the summer. :O)

Actually even though I don't normally like cedar, I happened to try a bit of the Cedre last night and thought it was very wearable.