Friday, March 16, 2007

Corrida - Satellite - Review

Smelling suspiciously plummy for a non-plum scent, the black current must be working overtime or there are some notes missing here. Deep raspberry is present too, bringing to mind Emanuel Ungaro Apparition but ... not. This may be a favorite of red fruit lovers, but the rich deep fruit played against the creamy sandalwood is making me queasy. Ripe fruit sitting in a wooden bowl in the sun all day at the bull fight. I'm trying to see the romance. As for animal torture, don't even get me started.

Googling around, I had hoped to fine some other meaning for Corrida with no luck. Although there was a car with a red corrida paint job. And guess what? Locked inside, sitting in the sun, was a bowl of very hot fruit.

"Red flowers and red fruits.
Definitely red, Red Corrida,
for a fragrance rich
as a dress made of light.
We all will be Aficionados!"

Here again we find vibrantly colored juice and a bottle that is oh so collection worthy. Don't let my review scare you off. If you love red fruits and a creamy finish this might work for you.

I would have liked a Sangria scent better, red fruits and citrus, a little vodka. Forget the florals and the bull. Literally.

Notes: Black currant, neroli, rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, floral accord, sandalwood

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