Thursday, March 08, 2007

Scent of the Day - Thursday 03-08-07

Good Morning! I'm late checking in due to my little late night sniffa!
What are you wearing?


violetnoir said...

Late night sniffa? Do tell?


besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm wearing the divine Angel body creme today - this is the way for those (like me!) who can't wear Angel to wear Angel (-:

Anonymous said...

Hey Vic....

Couldn't figure out what scent to wear today, so when in doubt, I always reach for Bois des Iles. Satisfies everytime. :)

Hi Terry!


MarkDavid said...

Hello Vic!!

Today I left the house with Creed Imperial (its been a LOONG time since I wore that) and now I'm wearing Voleur de Roses. Love it!


Victoria said...

Well last night I met up with an out-of-state POL firend and we had a little pre-sniffa-sniff at South Coast Plaza.

First we went to Coach and sniffed the new Coach. It's a nice floral, no fruit, no leather. A nicely done floral, very spring-like.

Then off to Victoria's Secret to sniff the new line there including Bali Orchid. It was just ok.

Then off to the Chanel Boutique! I have already tried them but that gigantic 400ml bottle of Cologne was calling to me, just for the bottle alone!

Thank you all for stopping by!

linda said...

The late night sniffa sounds fun, Victoria! I know the "real" one will be a blast! My sniffa on Thursday was productive -- I sampled the Bond #9 line and came away with two new gems -- Chinatown and New Haarlem. Yum! Have a great day, all!