Saturday, March 10, 2007

Local Orange County Sniffa Details!

I'm just back from our local area Sniffa! What F U N !! I really can't stress enough if you don't attend these you are really missing out. We all have a common bond, and it feels warm and fuzzy to be with these people who feel like old friends. I met some of these MUA gals at the LA Sniffapalooza. And some are local here in my area and we have never met! But now we will be in touch!

So we began at the Chanel boutique. Eh. I believe the consensus was that looking at the entire collection of ten, we already own our favorites. Most of us love Bois Des Iles and No 22. I love Gardenia too and many love Cuir de Russe. No one bought any, although most agreed they were nice.

Then on to SAKS to hit the Bond counter. Our Saks is in the middle of a remodel so the fragrances were a bit jammed in and most of the Bond urns were missing, but all the testers were there so we did a lot of sniffing. We tried the new Bill Blass, another tuberose base that put me off. Most of the time was spent at Bond. And those who did buy got in on the final day of the Saks beauty GWP.

Whew! Now a much needed brake for our noses and some refreshments we hijacked some tables outside The Coffee Bean and took over. It was nice to get to know each other a little better instead of all perfume talk.

On to Coach for some of us - the new Coach signature scent is a nice white floral. It starts out sweet and slightly fresh, and dries down a little creamy with the tuberose coming up. I liked it better before the drydown. Everyone agreed it was "nice" also.

Then on to the Nordstrom Niche where the lovey SA and Manager, Lynda, had goodie bags waiting for us. My Nordstrom is just the best! Caron, The Different Co, Guerlain, Annick Goutal, Armani Prive, Amarouge, Etro, CSP, Hermes - just to name a few!! There was a raffle for two gorgeous full size posters from the movie Perfume. Oh I would have loved to be in on a fix for that one! Here I purchased the new Marc Jacobs Splash in Orange - which I have previously scoped out on Wednesday night during my pre-sniffa-sniffa. :O)

With hugs and promises to do this again, we said our goodbyes with happy hearts and the knowledge we all will do this again. :O)


violetnoir said...

Victoria, it was indeed a lovely afternoon. Aren't perfume friends simply the best?

We do share a common bond, and it's always so nice to be able to talk about fragrance with abandon without feeling silly and odd, know what I mean? Woman, I know you do!

You are a doll, and I thank you for the lovely fragrance decant. I plan to wear it until I use it all up!


Victoria said...

Violet my dear, it was so good to see you! I gotta come up there one of these days and get at those MCDI ones. That one was certainly heavenly on you! We need to plan these mini sniffa more often. :O)

besotted said...

Hi Vic, thanks for the splendid recap, sounds like so much fun! I love reading about these sniffing get-togethers, it's just great.

TMH256 said...

Hi Vic,

What a fabulous day! I was hoping it would be! Although I couldn't make it to this one, it sounds splendid and I'm glad you all had fun. Linda and I are holding our own in AZ and we'll eventually get enough sniffers together to have one here!

Have a great day!

Victoria said...

Terry, well have our own mini-sniffer in NYC one of these days, I'm certain of that!

Victoria said...

TMH256, I was telling Linda that I have a POL local friend who moved your way and I know another gal close by too! I'd love to come see you all, one of these days!

Tovah said...

Just one of the best days I've had in forever! I can't stress enough how great it was to meet fellow fragrance lovers and, by sheer serendipity, to "meet" old friends! :-) We must do this again, soon.

TMH256 said...

Oh, Vic please plan a trip! We'll have a great time. :-) Just make sure you give me some notice so that I can clear my calendar to make ample time for good sniffing!

Karenska said...

Sounds like a very nice day, Victoria! So nice to know that those who met at the LA Sniffapalooza have bonded and are continuing the perfume journey. You should join us in NYC at the end of the month - you'll have an amazing time, East Coast style!

Victoria said...

I'll make it to NY Sniffa one of these days!

dbeech said...


I really enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. I look forward to seeing you at future Sniffas.