Monday, March 05, 2007

New Release - Coach

Coach announces their new Signature Scent. The bottle is nice I wonder how it will be? The only description is that it's a "soft floral". I'll try and get a sniff later this week. The price is $68 and Coach says it is "Perfume" - New 1.7 OZ PERFUME SPRAY. Humm makes one wonder at that price doesn't it?

Here is what they have to say about that: "There are several types of fragrances; perfume, eau de parfum and eau de toilettes. The type of fragrance depends on the concentration of scents or amount of oils used in the fragrance. Coach’s fragrance is a perfume which has the highest concentration of perfume oils, making the scent last longer."

There is also a Purse Spray at $42 and a Solid Perfume at $40

Image & Text: Coach press release


TMH256 said...

Hi Vic!

I saw this one in Allure magazine this month. I'll be interested in trying it soon. Have a great day!


chaya ruchama said...

Yes, Angel-
But what does it SMELL like ?
Did you like it ?

I must confess-
The bottle, though attractive, is SO shamelessly, commercially, Coach.

I'm not a logo fan, sigh.
If it's good, it doesn't need the label.
[What a poop I am!
That makes two 'poops' today- What is wrong w/ me ?]

Anonymous said...

It might be good!!
I have to give it a try.

Who knowns?
I may really like it.
anna L

Victoria said...

Not big on logos myself but I do love Coach and I love silver, so the bottle is appealing. I'll be giving it the official sniff tomorrow night and will report back!!

Arhianrad said...

the descriptions do sound awfully vague, wouldn't hurt them to throw a few notes out...

i hope it's a leather, myself, but I'm not seeing that happening

Victoria said...

Yes it would be logical to at least have a leather base, but that might not fly with the clientele. I just hope it's not a fruity floral with patchouli.

Parisjasmal said...

Hello Victoria-

I have tried this and much to my surprise I like it. I really did not think I would as I am not a fan of anything with the Coach logo on it.

It is nice and fresh and I just might buy some for Spring.

Lovely day to you!