Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scent of the Day - Wednesday 03-28-07

Diptyque Oyedo - Wow this one is very different! Yuzu, mint and thyme.
What are you wearing today?


MarkDavid said...

Hi Vic!!

Im wearing No. 19 today. Its very warm all of a sudden here in the East. I hope it stays this way for Sniffa on Saturday - Im SOOO excited.


Anonymous said...

Hi V,
I'm wearing L'Artisan Safran Troublant.
Really creamy, piquant, vanilla. The rose remains in the background.
BR: Flo:-)

Madelyn said...

I'm sleep deprived today - exhasted - so it's Coco Chanel - Eau de Parfum ! I love it - wore itin the 80th's. I'm an 80's girl !

Madelyn said...

Dear Vic,
I just saw 2 gorgeous photos of a Victoria (you) and her gorgeous blue eyed granddaughter Willow.
How magnificent. I noticed the lavender - colored room and the beautiful feline. The baby seems to ressemble you except for the eyes.
What great pictures. These were on POL.

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm sampling O Alquimista, a fragrance created by one of our own talented POL perfumers and it's lovely! Notes of rose, tobacco, amber and plum, very smooth, elegant and old school, could be a Caron.

MarkDavid, how exciting - I'm going to Sniffa on Saturday too! I hope we can meet up, I'd love to meet you!!

Have a great day all,

Victoria said...

Ohhh Mark, the Sniffa!!
So fun!!

Victoria said...

HI Flo, oh I love ST, I need to break down and buy that one, once of these days. It smells delish!

Victoria said...

HI Madelyn, me too girl! Come on over and we'll have a little nap, then some tea and sniffing!

Victoria said...

Oh Madelyn! You saw that! I almost deleted the one of me just last night. Not good of me, but isn't she just a perfect Gerber baby?

And yes, you caught a glimpse of my purple bedroom world. :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Terry, oh the sniffa without me!!! Wahhhhh!! So it's payback I see. :O)

Flora said...

Ines de la Fressange again for me today - it just seemed right. Tomorrow, maybe a sample of something new...