Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scent of the Day - Thursday 03-29-07

Cuir Beluga for me today. How did I dismiss this one earlier?
Insanity. It is beyond lovely.
What are you wearing today?


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

EL Spellbound for me today. I was inspired by Vidabo's bat picture she posted at POL. ;0

Waving hello to everyone.

Have a nice day.


MarkDavid said...

I've been dying to try CB, Vic. Just because of the name - its soo...unfrench. I wonder if it will be at Bergdorfs on Saturday...

Today it is SL Rousse for me. I really love this on and when I read descriptions and reviews of it - I was absolutely sure this was not a fragrance for me, an I pretty much wanted no part of it. But I think it's a stunner.

I'm shaking with excitement for Sniffa!! Anyone else joining me this weekend??

Madelyn said...

Dear Vic,
Today , it's Zivago !
Inspired by meadow - (Jamie-Lyn ) on the Sopranos -
Going to the Sniffa -
Already received a request to buy a friend Acqua Di Parme - Iris Nobile !

Victoria said...

Hi Dawn! Yes that was a great picture. Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

Hi Mark, yes the Cuir Beluga will be there. This one is notoriously light to non-leather, creamy, although pretty, it's soft and light. I'm getting an almondy note right now. The name doesn't fit, that's for sure.

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn, ahhh Zivago! Such a pretty bottle with the gold floaties. Have a lovely day!

MarkDavid said...

I'll see you there, Madelyn!!

Soo exciting!!

besotted said...

Hi Vic, you must be divine in CB, it's so heavenly. I am wearing Dior Addict today and loving it.

MarkDavid and Madelyn -- I'll be at Sniffa on Saturday too, I CAN'T WAIT!! I hope I get the chance to meet you.
Waving to all xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Hi V,
Today it's Aomassai by Parfumerie Generale.
Like an intimate camp-fire. Like live coals. Sexy, mild, smokey. Great!
I love it very much.
Best regards from Europe: Flo:-)

chaya ruchama said...

Hello, my beauties !
I wore Molinard de Molinard.

Haven't been on- site much, 'cos it's Sniffa time, and I was baking Madelyn that cake !
Cannot wait to hug you all !

[Dawn- you KNOW I'd squeeze you if I could !]

Love to you , Vic...
We'll be missing you !

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing Bois de'Armenie by Guerlain.

Creamy, vanille/incensey and GORGEOUS.

I am loving this one!


Thank you Jannean!

Victoria said...

Always happy to see you my twinsey!