Thursday, March 15, 2007

A la figue! - Satallite - Review

My second favorite of the Satallite new releases is a bit hard for a non-fig-lover to admit. Not fully understanding how "green" most fig scents are, this seems pretty green to me. Crisp and twiggy and at the same time cool and smooth as glass. There is a milky, creamy note that never gets too heavy or rich. I can feel my figgy friends swooning over my words. Yes, go ahead, buy it. And I'll take a decant please!

"Intense memory of a summer night
Hammock under the fig tree.
The magic moment of the scents come out,
underling with purple the horizon."

Again nice bottle, but the juice is so pale! They should have gone for a deep purple-red juice or even green in keeping with the vibrant theme. Cute little purple gem dangles.

Notes: Fig tree sap, fresh fig, iris, white lily of the valley, cyclamen, vanilla, cedar, white musk, patchouli

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In Europe at:

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linda said...

That's very exciting news for a fig lover like me, Victoria! I ordered the sample pack from Luckyscent yesterday, and I'm looking forward to trying all four of the Satellite scents!

chaya ruchama said...

It sounds purty, V.
Haven't decided whether I'm figged out, or not, you know?
It sometimes happens...

tmp00 said...

hmmm, not I really have to stop over there...

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic....

I totally agree with you about the color of the juice. The pale pink does not work for me. Something deeper like what you mentioned would have been just right.

The only fig I have is the Philosykos. I really like that one. I'll have to sample this one you reviewed.


dbeech said...

Hi V,

I am a fig lover so I can't wait to sample this fragrance. My Satellite scent sample package is on its way from Luckyscent.

I really enjoyed meeting you at the OC sniffa.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,
What a lovely review!
I'm crazy about fig...but I don't know, when I can smell this scent.:-(
When will you write about first Satellite-fragrance, Padparadscha? I'm a big fan of it;-)
King Regards: Flo from Europe

Victoria said...

Oh linda, you're a figgy girl huh? Did you try the Heeley fig? I like this one btter,but then I'm not a huge fig lover. :O)

Victoria said...

Chaya, I can relate. No more chocolate ones for me. It does happen. :O)

Victoria said...

HI Tom, yes do go forth! Only these two though. I'm saving the last for ummm last.

Victoria said...

Hi Dawn, Yes purple juice would have pushed me right over the edge with this one. Not sure this non-fig girl can commit to a full bottle. Unles it was purple, of course.

Victoria said...

Hi Debbie! I really enjoyed meeting you too! We must plan an adventure sometime, we are so close! Do also try the Heeley fig. :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Flo, thanks for stopping by!
Padparadscha was just too dry for me, so many people love it though. I'm sure it's lovely on you, on me not so lovely. I think Ipanema is my favorite from this line. Have a nice evening!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,
Ipanema-review is so cool:-) I'm in the mood to try it...But i'm living in twilight zone.LOL!
Here take a sniff...mission impossible:-P
Anyway, i know Padparadscha didn't show its "nice face" on many skin, but on me: great! Sharpy, edgy, smokey, brandy; real jazzclub-feeling;-)
Greetings: Flo B-)