Friday, March 30, 2007

Scent of the Day - Friday 03-30-07

TGIF!! Chanel Gardenia for me today.
What are you wearing today?


MarkDavid said...

Santal Imperial by CREED for me today.

I think I might wear one spray of this behind my ear to Sniffa tomorrow. Everyone has been discussing if they're wearing or not and I said I would probably wear an eau de cologne b/c it would disappear by the time I got to NYC anyway. But this is a fairly light juice too, so I think I might wear this one. Decisions, Decisions.

I cant wait to see everyone tomorrow, finally - Perfume Intelligencia! Proof I'm not alone! Someone pinch me.

Madelyn said...

Hi v, Hi Marcdavid-
No you are not alone. I will pribably do some juvena body cream . Then I will wait until Bergdorf's to test. I am not going to buy really, I have more than enough. What I want is really in France. I am going to mingle w my fellow perfume lovers !
Today, I'm wearing Coco .

aliki said...

I had an appointment with a very fancy and nice-looking doctor, so I Miss Diored myself earlier today and made a hollywood entry into his office. It was snowing again here in Geneva, and I had a cute little black hat, a shiny umbrella, oh yes, Miss Dior did it all for this in-between season day. While my body alone was not fealing that great, I had this aura of strengh and feminity all around me.

Victoria said...

Oh Mark, i'm so jealous!! Have a fabulous time! Wear something short sleaved, you'll need the room!

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn, have fun my dear!! I wah I could join you! Please tell us what your little heart desires from France?

Victoria said...

Hi aliki, sounds like you made the perfect choice! The power of scent is amazing. :O)

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to read the reviews from the Sniffa, I enjoy reading all reviews about perfume. I can not wait.
I have lots of work today and it makes me want to cry. I think i will.
But thinking about Chanel Gardenia perfume makes me smile , so beautiful.
What could be more wonderful than a white gardenia? only a few more.

anna l

MarkDavid said...

OMG Vic, short sleeves, how right you are. I didn't think about that. Well this changes everything now. Im going to have to plan an entirely different wardrobe.

Yes Madelyn, do tell whats in France thats calling your name.

T minus 13 hours till my bus...

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm joining you today in Chanel with Coromandel.

I cannot wait to see everyone at tomorrow's Sniffa!! WARNING: I hug (-: I will wear just a teensy dab of parfum behind the ears, I can't go completely bare. Travel safely, everyone!

Waving to all, enjoy the weekend,

Victoria said...


I'm so excited for you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,
I'm Fashion Avenue by Bond No.9 today.
I like it very much, a little bit sharpy its beginning, but nice and happy scent.:-)
Have a great weekend for ALL!

Victoria said...

Hi Flo, ahh I thought it was nice too, but not really FBW for me. But it's very pretty for Spring! Enjoy!

chaya ruchama said...

We missed you !
What a time we had !
I'm marrying MarkDavid, Madelyn, and Terry.
And I'm wearing Orchidee Blanche...