Monday, March 19, 2007

Scent of the Day - Monday 03-19-07

Oh busy day for me - so late in posting. Just sampling today and doing lots and lots of decanting!

What are you wearing today, on this beautiful day when the swallows come back to Capistrano, and the buzzards return to Hinkley, Ohio?


Madelyn said...

Dear Victoria,
Missed you alot today !

Layered Hermes Vetiver Tonka over Poivre Samarkand .
Hmm.i t's so warm and rich -

Wore Hiris over the W-E - got lots of compliments.
Also revisited Clinique aromatics !
That is my favorite Lauder !
When, perchance are you coming to NY ?

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm wearing Ambre Sultan today and it is just intoxicating.

linda said...

Hi, Victoria! Today it was Bond No. 9 New Haarlem. It's very long-lasting; I am still enjoying it nearly 12 hours later, and it acts like a skin scent on me. Not overpowering in the least. Yum!

Flora said...

Hi Victoria,

Today I wore Eau de Patou, an amazingly soft and springlike floral fragrance. It is a little mini-bottle - I want a big one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,
I'm wearing Aomassai by Parfumerie Generale. I take advantage of the weather, here's real autumn now:-(
But my scent is great;-)
have a nice day: Flo

Victoria said...

Thank you all for checking in, forgive me please, I've been so busy this week!