Monday, March 12, 2007

Rousse - Serge Lutens - Review

Ahhh my recent clove addiction has found me delighted in several new fragrances I don't know how I lived without. One of which is Serge Lutens newest - Rousse.

I know this is supposed to be mainly a cinnamon infused scent, but I get clove. Lots of clove, simmering pots of potpourri at Christmas, orange studded clove pomanders, and yes cinnamon. Dry cinnamon sticks stirred into hot cider. Foody and rich gourmand spicy, mouthwatering and reminiscent of my childhood.

Some of you may remember my reference to my childhood experiments in my Grandmother's kitchen with my grade school friend Marcia. We loved to cook and bake as a diversion over the long summer vacation. One speciality was adding clove to orange Jell-O. A lot of clove. The taste was ummm … interesting. But the smell … divine. These scents bring back those smells from my Grandmother’s kitchen some 40 years ago. They are poignant and bittersweet.

I know some have been disappointed in this scent, and I think I know why. My guess is by the notes, what people may have been expecting was a dry, spicy, woody fragrance. But rather, they are greeted by a strong, foody, gourmand. Ahh well, their loss is my gain. I am sitting here with my nose glued to my arm on this warm and sunny spring-like day drifting back to those summers in Ohio and my Grandmother's kitchen.

I LOVE The Scented Salamander's Review where she identifies the "Tiger Balm accord" that is the theme of Heeley Spirit of the Tiger, another strongly scented clove fragrance that I find irrestible. Read her review here: The Scented Salamander

Top: Floral Notes, Aromatic Notes, Fruit
Middle note : Cinnamon-Wood Note, Spices
Base note : Amber, Musks, Vanilla


besotted said...

Thanks for the great review Vic, oh lordy does this one sound right up my alley!!

Victoria said...

I think you will like T, especially since we love those spicy carnations. :O)

Anonymous said...

Great Review,
I have to try it.
Iris , aqua di parma

anna L

chaya ruchama said...

I'm awaiting my decant.
This turns powdery and lovely on me.
I think it will be good in all weather !

Marie-Helene said...

Loved your lovely evocative review Victoria! Oooh the that word and the images it conjures up. I think that the drydown on this one can be very seductive. I'll put a link back to your review.

Victoria said...

Thank you all for your comments!

And thank you Marie-Helene for the link back!

Jen said...

This sounds wonderful. My mom used to make clove candy at the holidays so I have a special fondness for its scent, too. Thanks for the review.

Victoria said...

Oh Jen, I htink you will love it! And Spirit of the Tiger too!