Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dorissima - Goldmund

I'm bumping this up as I decided to wear this today as a comfort scent. I felt tired and grumpy and was just the ticket.

Oh this is dreamy, soft as a cashmere sweater, and as just cozy. Lightly spicy with a lovely powdery sweet drydown reminiscent of Keiko Mecheri's Loukhoum.

Notes: Tonka beans, vanilla, iris root, rose, powdery carnation, benzoin, sandalwood, soft musk, balsam notes, Peru balsam & allspice.

Available at Lucky Scent.


NowSmellThis said...

Have only tried it once so far, but it is lovely & will certainly give it another try although it will probably turn out to be too much powder for me. Beautifully done though!

Victoria said...

Hi! I hate that I found an expensive one to love right after I just found another. Feast or famine!!

I much perfer the drydown, I can see you preferring the top notes.

Close to the skin and sexy this one!