Friday, December 23, 2005

Scent of the Day - 12/23/05 - What's Yours? - Log In!

Gaultier2 for me today - The Christmas countdown continues!
Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!


colombina said...

Logging in with Bvlgari Au The Rouge as Scent of the Day. Happy Holidays!

NowSmellThis said...

V, hope it is a wonderful holiday!

Victoria said...

Ohhh colombina!! That is on my must sniff list! Happy Holidays to you too!

R, Likewise, Best Holiday wishes to you too! I'll be doin glots of sniffing after x-mas with gift certs!

katiedid said...

S-Perfume Lust again today. I caught a whiff of my coat sleeve from yesterday and had to wear it again.

katiedid said...

Gah! I'm too eager with the enter button: Merry Christmas to you :)

Victoria said...

Hi Katie!1 I gotta try that S -Perfume, I'm really so smitten with 100% Love.

Happpy holidays to you!