Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Other Best of 2005 Picks - Non-Perfume

Well I after giving it some thought, I'd like to add a separate list of beauty items I discovered and love in 2005:

SANTA MARIA NOVELLA BODY MILK FOR MEN - Yep, for men. The men's scent is a light spice that I adore. The lotion is light, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly.

EVIAN ORIGINAL HYDRATING LOTION - Evian pure water creates a moisturizing lotion great for softening and rehydrating skin, love this pure lotion for morning or night. Good news: it's very inexpensive. Bad news: It's only available in Europe.

FRESH RICE FACE WASH - Love, love, love this powdered face wash. I never want to be without it. After rinsing, your skin feels like dewy rose petals.

FRESH LIP LINER - F21C - I love how this liner GLIDES on, so smooth and effortless. I outline and then fill in my lips, it acts as a stain, then I top with gloss.

HOURGLASS LIP LINER - Another one I love, not as smooth as Fresh, but smoother than most. And the other end is a lip brush, so you always have one handy. It was a full size gift in the Barneys gift last year. Barneys gifts ROCK!!!

VINCENT LONGO LIP STAIN - I have several colors. I love the smooth light texture and the stain.

CAUDALIE LIP CONDITIONER - So smooth and soft going on and the bonus of a light vanilla scent. I use this at night before bed.

GOLDIE LIP GLOSS - Ok, I do love my Chanels, but this was a great find for me this year. From Bath & Body Works, the Goldie brand is a great looking gloss. Shiny a hint of sparkle, no grit and the great scent of coconut! My color is velveteen.

BREATHE HIGH LATHER MOISTURE WASH - Another Bath & Body Works find for 2005. This non-soap shower gel lathers like all get out and the scent is heavenly! Amber and Myrrh.

CUREL NATURAL HEALING LOTION with green tree, aloe and cucumber - Great scent and of course Curel is my all time favorite lotion.


NowSmellThis said...

Vincent Longo Lipstains were one of my big 2005 discoveries too, V. I bought one in June, now I have 3 of them and almost never wear another lipstick. Great product.

Victoria said...

I agree! Did you ever get to try the Caudalie?

NowSmellThis said...

No, but I have so many darn "lip conditioner" kinds of things that it isn't likely I'll need another during my lifetime, LOL!

open365dayz said...

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