Monday, December 26, 2005

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Yay! Someone special sent me Anne Pliska for Christmas! Since I have been out for awhile, I think I'll wear it all week!


susanlyall said...

Hi Victoria, My name is Sue Lyall and I am a fragrance lover from Sydney, Australia. I started reading your blog yesterday via Now Smell This, and I am really enjoying it. Today was very hot in my part of the world, and I went out on Sydney Harbour with my husband and 2 boys and a few friends. We drank wine, swam and fished, and I wore a sample from lusciouscargo of La Chasse Aux Papillons Extreme. I don"t think much of it at all. I bought several samples from them, but nothing has grabbed my attention. I love your passion for Anne Pliska, and might buy a sample, or indeed a bottle of the EDP. Is it a cool weather perfume, or does it work in summer too? Is there a fragrance that I might know that is similar to it? I love reading about fragrances on the various blog sites, and your photos of Paris are divine. I almost became a Bluebell in Paris in 1977, but returned home to Uni and my boyfriend. Anyway....
Cheers, Sue

susanlyall said...

Hi Victoria,
I tried to leave you a message, but I am having trouble, so if this gets through I'll try again,
Cheers, Sue

Victoria said...

Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by! I haven't really found a L'Artisan that I had to own.

I think you will love Anne Pliska it has great presence and sillage. It is sophisticated and elegant. I, of course, wear it year round. I think most people do, I've never considered it seasonal. I have never smelled anything like it. It is a soft powdery amber.

What is a Bluebell?

Have you ever been to Perfume of Life to chat about perfume?
We have several Aussies on board and an AU local chat area too.

Stop by sometime!

susanlyall said...

Bluebells were dancers at the Lido,who had to be over 5'9 , and many classical girls who grew too tall for ballet became Bluebells.
Sorry about doubling up on the comments, I'm a novice at this.Will check out Perfume of Life. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love Anne Pliska and just found it cheeper at