Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shopping at Caron in NYC

What a perfect day. Meeting my Perfume of Life friends for a day of shopping in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Brava Lady V. --

Living in New York; I absolutely love and adore the Caron Boutique. Diana is the well informed temptress/manager. I'm addicted to Poivre and watch with sloe-eyes as she expresses some from the Baccarat cystal flacons. Oooooh!

Lady V. -- we share several things, I'm an ardent Chopin pianist and harpist, patron of the Met and season ballet ticket holder living in NY.


Victoria said...

That you for posting! What a joy to meet other fragrance lovers. Yes Diane is so very gracious and kind. I saw a beautiful purple falcon that maybe someday will be mine. But fill with Bellodgia please!

I think I will post the link as it is hard to find the website:

Thank you for stopping by and Happy New Year!
PS Love Chopin - my fave!

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