Sunday, December 11, 2005

Anne Pliska & The Day That Changed My Life - Part 2

So, as my story continues, I spend more and more time on Perfume of Life forum. Learning all about niche scents and exchanging samples and sniffing everything I can get my hands on. Although I do make jewelry, I had to take down my store as it was so neglected as I never spent time there. Perfume was indeed becoming my obsession and although I do like making jewelry, that feels like work and this feels like play. And since I already have a full time job, I'd rather play.

Eventually I began meeting with people from the perfume board. Little outings here and there to sniff fragrances. Very quickly I became friends with people who I had only met online. We had so much in common and it was so fun to meet. Now I feel I have been so blessed! I have so many wonderful friends all across the globe. In so many countries! It amazes me to think that I can be on vacation half a world away and meet up with an old friend that I have never actually met. And when we do, we feel an instant bond and feel as though we have known each other forever. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing. And it all started with Anne Pliska.


Anonymous said...

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Victoria said...

Anonymous - I am graciously allowing your comments to stand, as I am a fan of Anne Pliska. But quit spamming my blog, or I'll take all your comments down.
- Owner