Thursday, December 15, 2005

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Anne Pliska for me today! My holy grail. The last few drops from my bottle. Alas! Now I have put it on my Christmas wish list but, Hubby says I "have enough" perfume. Hummm, no I don't think so. A girl needs her holy grail, right?


Christina H. said...

That's right! You know what you need,now get out there and get it!!
I love my little sample of it and want to get a full bottle some day!

Christina H. said...

Oh,today I'm wearing F.Malle Iris Poudre.Perfect for a snowy day here in Virginia.

NowSmellThis said...

V, did you see the special for Anne Pliska at luscious? You get freebies if you buy. Might be worth it since they also have free shipping right now.

Still trying to decide on my own Christmas perfume...usually buy one & wrap it & my husband pretends to give it to me :-)

Victoria said...

Hi R, yes I saw the Anne Pliska special at Luscious. I'm gonna have to bop him on the head if he doesn't get it for me. I think he will, it's sort of a tradition.

I already splurged on myself and bought Ormonde Jayne Tolu parfum and the D'Or glitter gel. I was a bad girl!


Victoria said...

Well the day is not a total loss, I just got a Nordies gift card from one of the clients for x-mas. So it looks like I'll be getting my Anne Pliska either way.

Anonymous said...

I love Anne Pliska and I found it cheeper than anyone else at