Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fleur d'Oranger - L'Artisan

"Garson!! I distinctly remember asking for the '75 Chateau Margaux, what is this swill you have brought me?"

Ah, the connoisseur who can tell the year by the taste of the grape. And is that what we, the perfume connoisseur will become? L'Artisan would have you believe so with their Fleur D'Oranger limited edition fragrance. The fragrance is made from the 2004 harvest of orange blossoms in Nabeul, Tunisia.

I sampled this yesterday (thanks Tara) and I'm wearing it again today in weak attempt to talk myself out of it. I already own Serge Lutens Fleurs D'Oranger which I love. But admittedly, can be a bit heady at times, much thicker and heavier than this sweet elixir. I briefly owned and swapped away French West Indies Fleurs D'Oranger version which was so bad, I have erased it from my memory banks.

Laura Tonatto Fiori d'Arancio is on my list to buy after using up a small sample vial months ago. I loved it. But it's been a hard one to track down. If I had it firmly in my hands, I'd not feel so tempted by this one. Although it is from a much inferior crop, it smelled heavenly to me.

"The first of this new collection" indicates there are more rare harvests and limited editions to follow. Maybe if I wait, I will prefer the 2005 rose harvest from Turkey.

L'Artisan - Fleur d'Oranger


NowSmellThis said...

Gorgeous scent, adamantly refuse to drop $250 for it.

Victoria said...

I just heard from a friend who has both, that she prefers the Laura Tonatto.