Friday, December 02, 2005

My Next Desire - Update 12/7 - I Own this lovely fragrance!

Rance Josephine is available at:
Luscious Cargo

Ack! Why, oh why, did I send away for those Rance samples from Luscious Cargo?? That gorgeous arched red rippled bottle! And if I didn't like the red, there was a runner up version in white. So after trying the red, Rouge, I was somewhat relieved. Not really me. Whew! A slight relief. One hundred dollars for those beauties. That's a big price tag this close to Christmas. Now the white, d'erjé, I tenatively sniffed. Ok, nice, but I'm not dying to have at those prices. Ok, good, I'm off the hook. Of course the sample pack is for a set of seven.

One by one I tried the others with no real interest. Then ... Josephine.

Awww now why'd I have to sniff that one? So sweet and girly. Like sweet sugared peaches covered with sweet vanilla milk served along side with some black current tea. All served up on a nice warm sandalwood base to anchor it firmly, giving sillage and lasting power for days.
I gave in to temptation! I purchased this on 12/7. So what else is my Christmas bonus for?


Flora said...

Oh, that is wonderful - I also spent part of my Christmas bonus on Josephine! I fully intended to buy a bottle of Lady Caron, heretofore my "signature" fragrance, when I found the Pink Lady - enough said, with one sniff all was lost. At least it's reasonably priced for the quality. Not that I would have cared, once I smelled it!

Victoria said...

I agree it's so lovely! I thought the bottle was better than the sample. So I'm a happy camper!
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Victoria, I am also crazy for Josephine. I have tried it a couple of times and thought I would have my bottle by now! I have to take a trip to a different city to go get mine (in a couple of weeks I think). Enjoy yours! Now I am off to look at more of your Paris pics.