Friday, October 27, 2006

Amber - Ivy - Violet - Marc Jacobs - Review

AMBER - A soft amber with a light woody feel. Although it's light, it's meant to be applied liberally. I think this would be a great over body spray right before bedtime. Definitely the best of the three.

IVY - Smells like men's cologne. It starts out dry and green not really what comes to mind when you think ivy, but then does ivy have a scent? It's more like dry leaves over leather. I've had two different people tell me they thought it smells like BO.

VIOLET - Very peppery and dry - not a sweet violet. A slightly soapy base. This might work well on a man.


anna said...

I love the name Ivy, (the name of one of my best dearest friends ).
I was going to buy it just for the name...
The ivy plant has a is earthy, green, moist, not as a fern type of smell but dark green and a bit dark and mossy.
Oh, well, i will give the Marc Jacobs Ivy splash a try.

Anonymous said...

The ivy smells just like crushed ivy leaves. It is dark and green and sexy. It smells nothing like BO. You obviously don't know enough about perfumes to review them.

Victoria said...

If you read my review carefully you will see it says: "I've had two different people tell me they thought it smells like BO"

That was not my opinion.

And this being MY BLOG, I can review anything I want, qualified or not. This being the USA I am entitled to free speech and my opinion, as are you, which is why I did not delete your comment.