Friday, October 13, 2006

Antidote - Viktor & Rolf

Antidote is the first mens fragrance by design house Viktor & Rolf. And although made for men, the ladies have been taking notice too. It is woody, crisp and fresh. The addition of mint leaves to bergamot in the opening is a plesant surprise that tingles the nose. Definitely leaning towards the masculine side, but thankfully it doesn't have that "men's cologne" note that can sometime make it unwearable. I am especially sensitive to this, I have several unisex, but I can't think of one mens colonge I own. I did buy DKNY Be Delicious, but ended up taking it back unopened after wearing my sample and finding it too masculine. I am using this only as an illustration of the fact that I am probably overly sensative, yet find this one perfectly wearable.

Even the patchouli is behaving and lends a coolness to the drydown that echoes the opening notes. Finishing with a beautiful soft wood drydown that is just delicious and would be sexy on anyone. Yep, I definitely like it. Do I love it? Maybe.

A very lovely scent for fall.

Notes: Mint leaves, bergamot, black pepper, cinnamon, sandalwood, ebony and patchouli

A special thanks to Scentzilla! I may have never tried this one if not for her. Although she notes a strong "Men's Cologne" opening, we differ in opinions here; for me a bergamot lover, I don't get that feel.

Available from:Nordstrom


greeneyes said...

Okay, may have to stop off at Nordstrom today. Lovely review!

Victoria said...

It's a winner, and even if you do think it has the "men's cologne" opening, it burns off quickly.

Heikke said...

I love Viktor& Rolf, the have a office here in Amsterdam and you see them walking the dog, very cute!!

Victoria said...

Heikke, Yes I saw the building when we went to the Van Gogh museum. I want to come back. :O)