Monday, October 09, 2006

West Side - Bond No.9 - News!

Below you find the press release for the newest Bond No. 9 scent - West Side. I will report back as soon as I get my hands on a sample, but in the meantime you can read about it here!

Top: The ROSE…. paying a vist to Roseland. (How quaint), YLANG YLANG doing what it does best: the meringue, The presumptuous little PEONY, all grown up and going to graduate school - the Juilliard School.

Mid: SANDALWOOD as impudently smooth as salsa jazz, AMBER in diva mode, as deep and rich as a mezzo-soprano singing Carmen.

Bottom: Normally naughtly VANILLA goes elegant and takes a trip to Avery Fisher Hall. MUSK that misbehaves when it meets vanilla and starts singing the blues.

Music to Your Nose: You’ve Heard the West Side—Now Smell It.
(Bond No. 9’s West Side, That Is)

A tourist in New York stops a stranger in the street and asks, How do I get to Carnegie Hall? --- The stranger happens to be a jazz musician, who answers, Practice, man!

Draw a dividing line down the length of the island of Manhattan, and you have the West Side and the East Side. The West Side has an unfair advantage: it’s long had a monopoly on music. This part of town has been home to Carnegie Hall, Tin Pan Alley, the Cotton Club, the Copacobana, Birdland, Lincoln Center, Studio 54, and S.O.B.’s. Mozart, Broadway musicals, and rock thrive here. Bebop and disco just about got their start here. So did meringue, salsa, and reggaeton. Arturo Toscanini, Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, John Lennon, Sid Vicious, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, and Tupac have all lived or performed on Manhattan’s West Side.

So when Bond No. 9, perfumer to the City of New York, decided to pay homage to this part of town, we knew the fragrance we designed would have to have a musical flavor. Introducing Bond No. 9’s West Side, an ultra-melodious eau de parfum that finds the scent equivalent for the sounds of music in its full-bodied, mellow composition, its undulating rhythms, its harmonies, its pitch—and yes, its notes. Whether they’re high or low, dark or light, sweet or sharp—notes are what music and fragrance are both about.

As for the flacon: richly hued in red and blue, it of course displays the universal symbol of music—the curling treble clef.

We’ve asked ourselves—What’s the sound of Bond No. 9’s West Side? Are we talking The Platters’ version of Twilight Time, maybe? Lizst’s Piano Concerto No. 2. Cole Porter’s Begin the Beguine? Gershwin’s

Rhapsody in Blue? Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi? That’s just our nose at work. Fragrance, like music, is open to interpretation. Everyone who sniffs it will hear—and smell—a different melody of their own.
Launch Date: November 1st 2006

Suggested Retail Prices:
Besides being available in its 3.4 oz. superstar bottle in a box presentation ($185), and 1.7 oz. travel size ($125), West Side may be purchased by the ounce ($45), either in a 2-ounce basic spray flacon with gilt honeycomb cap ($25), in an array of fashion colored bottles ($40 - $70) or in our unique vintage or art bottles, featured in a wide variety of designs ($60 - $200).


chaya ruchama said...

Dear Vic-
Smelled this today, and thought it was allright. Didn't get worked up- it's pretty, it's a tad chypre.

Bottom line- I didn't need to buy it.

Great copy, though...

Victoria said...

I'm still waiting for Bond to send me my sample, but they like to wait till the release date, which is crazy since it's out in some places obviously! I'm excited about getting my Lancome rose, so really no way this could compete.

Tina said...

Did you ever get your samples for this one? It sounds pretty, and very different than Chinatown.

Victoria said...

Yes, I didn't really love it. Something in the rose vanilla mix made my stomach a lttle queasy. I know that many others are loving it.