Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 10/11/06

Today I will be wearing Bond's new West Side - What are you wearing?


Madelyn E said...

Dear Vic,
Hi! I am pleased to tell you that the Bath and Bodyworks store in Roosevelt Field Garden City, NY has been "upgraded". Yes I was thrilled to see that they carry the entire Juvena skincare as well as body line. I love the body cream, lotion and shower gel . Anyway,as of late, i have been totally into my Fleurs de Rocaille perfume! Have a great day !
Madelyn E

Victoria said...

Thanks Medelyn! I will check out my extended BBW store here and see if they are carring it too. The cream is so rich and decadent!

besotted said...

Good morning Vic, I'm wearing Gucci Envy for Men today. So many of my most loved notes are in this one, incense, amber, spices, opononax - delish!
Have a great day,

greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria. What do you think of West Side? I'm wearing PdN Odalisque today. Lush floral, to get over the hump. ;)

Have a happy Wednesday.

Victoria said...

Good morning Terry, some great notes there! Have a nice day, :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Greeneyes, I've not tried that PdN, that is a line I need to investigate further. My review of West Side is coming tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

Madini Oil Alma de Alma for me today. It's so nice and long lasting.

Here's the lowdown on it:

A graceful and romantic confection of musk, ambre and citron. Warm, smooth and seductive, for many women this is the one perfume they will never be without.

Happy Hump Day!


Victoria said...

Hi Dawn, that sounds prety good, where are you finding this brand? Online?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

I just blogged about the little online shoppe where I purchased the Madini Oil. Here's a copy of my blog post:

TigerFlag Perfumes **Spreading the word** Fantastic Online Shoppe for Natural Perfume Oils
Current mood: busy
Category: Life

I am here to spread the word of this great little online natural perfume shop called TigerFlag Perfumes.

I love perfume but I had never really given natural perfumes / oils a second thought because of previous disappointments with them, such as the oil being diluted, etc.

Well that has all changed! Siri (the owner) left a reply to a post I had started at Perfume of Life and that is how I found this wonderful woman and her online shoppe.

I requested some samples from her and I recv'd them within 2-3 days - awesome shipping.

I ended up purchasing the Madini Perfume Oil Alma de Alma and it is a Beautiful perfume. I can't say enough about it. It's just pure and sensual.

If that isn't enough to get you to her site, I will also sing the praises of the owner Siri. She puts 110% into her business and it shows.

Here's the link to her shoppe:


anna said...

Hi, Vic,
Bois Farine from L'Artisan Parfumeur
wood flower created by Jean-Claude Ellena .
It is a sample and i was curious about the name , i did look it up and it is a tree in Reunion Island and its red flower smells like flour. I have to give it a try. I have so much fun with this odd and exotic names of trees and flowers.

Victoria said...

Wow thanks Dawn! I'll order some samples!

Victoria said...

Hi Anna, Bois Farine and the famous peanut note - do you get it?

Shannon said...

I gave Tea for Two a test wearing today. It smelled like chai tea ... for about 30 minutes and then nothing. Don't think I will be buying this ...

Victoria said...

Oh Shannon, Chai Tea is good, I get ashtray! :O)

Freudian Slip said...

Thanks for the info, I've been meaning to check this one out. I've heard it is great :)

Natieya said...

Good afternoon!

I woke up this morning really missing my grandmother who recently passed away. One of her favorite songs was "Amazing Grace", so I wore the scent by Philosophy today in honor of her. I catch a whiff of it all day and it brings me peace. :-)