Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stella In Two - Stella McCartney Parfums - Review

Ok, I admit it, I fell for the darling packaging. Stella McCartney's newest release comes in two parts quite literally - Stella In Two. The first part is the Peony EDT spray. It has a bright peony opening note, which I found a little too sharp for my liking. But I do admit it smelled lovely on the SA offering her arm for sniffing. The notes are: Peony, Black Pepper, Amber, Patchouli & Wood.

What caught my eye, was the second part - the amber solid parfum. I'm quite the amber fan, and this cute compact was too much to resist. Meant to be the layering base for the Peony, I figured I'd find plenty of uses for it in my collection. The little compact is about 1.5" square and the top swivels around to reveal the parfum solid. It must be made of solid lead, because this little puppy is very weighty. Making it fun to hold and admire. Not to mention the adorable little faux pink suede storage pouch. The amber is a nice medium amber resting somewhere in the middle between medicinal and sweet. So it should appeal to lovers of both ends of the spectrum. It will be nice for increasing the staying power of some amber scents, boosting the amber factor, or just worn on its own.

The pieces can of course be bought separately, which was confusing to me at first. After seeing only the ad, I thought it was one bottle/package with two sides. But that is not the case. You can buy either separately.

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photo: Sephora


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

I tried the solid amber last night. I am an amber junkie, but I got more rose than amber in this. I liked it but not enough to buy it. And, I agree with you on the Peony, there's a very sharp note that ruins it for me.

P.s. I love the packaging though for the solid amber. :))


Victoria said...

Hi Dawn, rose? I thought this was amber only. Funny because I thought I got rose from the peony and it's not in the notes there either.

Madelyn E said...

Hi V,
Love amber as a base note - and love solid parfum.. back from the days of Norell '74.(am showing my age .. ). I am thinking about Hermes rouge in its solid packagingtoo. will look out for this one . I literally have no roon left on my dresser for my parfums .. What can I do ?
My single scent friends simpply do not understand me. Oh...what joy they are missing !
Have a scented , great day- Madelyn E