Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 10/18/06

Ohhhh I'm having the hardest time writing reviews and I have so many to write and tell you about! I have total writer's block and the words just won't come. I'm wearing Etro Dianthus again today ... hoping for inspiration. What are you wearing?


bestotted said...

Hi Vic, it's JPG Classique edp for me today. This is probably my favorite floriental after Caron Aimez-Moi, just lovely.
Enjoy the day!

Madelyn E said...

Hi Vic,
I do need inspiration too !!!I'm waiting for Chaya....Today, I will wear my beloved Opium. oil followef by the perfume touched up by the edp spray ! Maybe it's time for a vaca ?
Have a more inspired day !
Madelyn E

chaya ruchama said...

Hello, dear ones !
Marina brought out my dark Slavic side, so I've worn Poivre parfum [to the gym, of all places- no sense of propriety, that girl !]today...

Dark, difficult, moody, smoky,reasonably lethal.

Meanwhile, V smells fresh and lovely, Terry is soft and fragrant, and you, dear M., are exotic as all getout [my son swoons for Opium !]...

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

Today I am sampling Fiori d'Ambra - Profumum Durante Roma. OMG.... what a gorgeous amber. You're right - it does knock your socks off.

Why of Why does it have to be sooo pricey? Wanna do a bottle split?

Happy Hump Day!


Shannon said...

What a beautiful day here in North Carolina! I wore Daim Blond today.

ladyjicky said...

Hello Victoria. Hope I find you well. I was at Target and sprayed Liz Taylors Passion on my hand. The check out lady said " Oh what is that? Its lovely"
I told her it was one of their bottles on display in the Liz Taylor spot!
Hey, its not bad and its still strong and smelling good on me too! Might just get a bottle!

Victoria said...

Hello all, sorry I didn't get to check in today, so busy at work!

You all smell quite lovely!